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Mysterious Orb of Light by OoupouttoComing of Summer by Ooupoutto
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Hawke and Company by Ooupoutto
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The Consequences of Copying and Plagiarism as an Artist. And not giving credit!

A short Article
 How do you determine the difference between inspiration and plagiarism?  “I don’t know how to define it, but I know it when I see it.” Full Article

What do you gain?

In summary, the main reasons people may will want to copy an artists work. WITHOUT giving proper credit. 
:pointr: To draw in the same style.
:pointr: To improve their own work.
:pointr: To gain popularity/approval.

But let's get specific here. 
There is an epidemic of artists. The new era allows more people, each generation younger then the rest, to access resources never before possible. In the art community, the internet connects those with a passion for art and those wishing to improve their own. I'm writing this article because I am becoming sickened. Sickened with the artists who would copy other's creativity and claim it as their own, gain recognition or even make money. I have stumbled across a few, but one in particular comes to mind that is the worst at this, but for decency, I will not mention them or the work. You know who you are. 
This does not include the discussion of using photographic stock/reference.

Art I am discussing includes:
- Redrawing a pose, style, and/or concept.
- Copying a colouring style/technique right onto your paper
- Taking the idea/concept word for word
>>> - MOST IMPORTANTLY, not crediting the original artist/designer. <<<

The Man Behind the Artwork by JD-Hillberry
I appreciate the fact that this and many other drawings I have done have inspired so many people. If you search "hillberry" here at deviantart you can see page after page of people that have copied my work and style - and those are just the pages that have mentioned my name. If you do this, please remember to give credit where you got the artwork from and do not offer prints of copies of my work. You would be violating my copyrights which I defend vigorously. 
Thank you all at deviant for your interest in my work and techniques.
JD Hillberry

The difference between "Copying" and "Inspiration"

Simply put, copying is when instead of a reference, you have a preferred artists work that you look at while you are drawing/creating your own. You copy the art, you may redraw the pose, or try to copy the drawing to find out their technique.
If you do not post the art - this is acceptable. But not preferred. Artists should always avoid copying style to keep theirs pure. Every artist draws differently, and whether or not you like you style does not justify you copying an already created artwork.

Inspiration is when you fall in love with the art, you study it, you read into it. Then, you forget it. You decide you want to try something new, something compels you from the artwork, and you go off and create. You do not think back to the artist and their work 'How'd they draw it?" "No, no, they drew it like this". These questions may pop up, but they should not be something you think to hard on. Let YOUR judgment and YOUR creativity flow. NOT theirs. This is YOUR artwork, and you alone hold the creativity to create. 

'Good artists copy. Great artists steal.' - Picasso

How accurate is this statement? 
Let's say you do copy, you finish the work, it's great! Just like how that one artist draws, "i'll get so many views/favorites!" You think. 
But what did you learn? How to take another artists work and steal it? That does not help you as an artist. It diminishes you. You will never become your own creative and independent artist by copying another. You will quickly become depressed with your art and fed up with it.
"Why am I not as popular as them?" "Why does no one like my work?" "Why do I not feel SATISFIED with my art?"
You need to learn to love your art and your style first. Love yourself, and the rest will follow. You cannot love your art is it is just an imitation of anothers. It will not feel right, and your art will quickly become a burden instead of a passion.

If you see an artists, popular, amazing, or inspiring, you must differentiate copying from stealing. Some will argue, both are wrong, however, originality is not as original as you may think. "Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination."
 Grus canadensis by CoyoteMangeGrus canadensis by CoyoteMange  Crane by Ooupoutto Craneby Ooupoutto
The same species of Crane by CoyotoMange and Myself. 

I'm not saying the next time you come across an amazing artwork, steal it's idea/style. I love an artists rendering of a buck painted in abstract with a red sun in the middle, Or that a beautifully done fox inspired me to try a fox of my own, the artwork should compel you to improve. Not shame you for copying and hoping no one will find a connection. And we do make connections, yes, we see when you copy a 'famous' artists. 

Here, I saw an amazing art of a fox. It was simply gorgeous, and coloured pencils? Wow, that's an incredible amount of skill and understanding. I can do it too, I told myself. So I took a quick look over what I liked, quickly turned off my computer to remove the image from my mind. And created a piece in inspiration of the beauty I saw. I did not copy a thing this way. I sketched a few foxes to get a pose down, and went to work for the fun of it. 

Sly by EchoGreensSly by EchoGreens The Sly One by OoupouttoThe Sly One by Ooupoutto
Sure, it's very much alike in the end, but I still GAVE CREDIT TO THE INSPIRATION I FOUND. 

When is it Acceptable?

In truth, never. But we must look at who is conducting these redrawings of artwork.

New and young artists - 
Young artists are insecure, they are finding a style to define their own. WildSpiritWolf is a popular choice to copy, but in the end, many will grow out of it and move on from her (or anothers) original style. 
I think people are more overlooking of young artists who copy, simply because they do not profit. Commissions may occur, but for very little. This is reality. They may get a few points, but in the end their copying may come off as more of a compliment then anything. 
Young artists are insecure, new, and in reality - not on the same level as say, a professional 25 year old. Copying may start off a beneficial for them, but one day they will have to break out of this phase and realize copying without giving credit is Illegal and very disrespectful to the original artist.

Experienced Artists - 
May apply to 'young artists', say at age 17 and older. Either way, you have extensive art experience and even art classes under your resume.
Should know that copying without giving credit is a very low move. Especially when they begin to gain popularity and recognition and will be making money off of their work. I do not think this can ever be looked past. 
You risk exposure of fraud, negativity and criticism, illegal activity, not growing as an artist, and disrespect for those who have worked so hard that you so easily copy. 

Keep in mind - What you post on the internet can go anywhere! Watermark and protect your work. 

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Exceptional art that is overlooked.

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